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E-mail me any questions or just add me on gtalk if you want to chat. But please read more of this about page too for basic info on this blog and me ^^.


THE JPOP MUSEUM was started in late Janurary 2009 though my first “real” post was made in the beginning of Feburary. Originally it was supposed to be a pure Nana Mizuki newsblog/shrine but we already have danie~ so I figured it would be pointless. Besides, I had a lot of artists I wanted to talk about and I felt that I often couldn’t convey everything I wanted on forums. Thus this blog was born .

 As many Nana Mizuki fans have probably already guessed (or at least I hope have guessed), THE JPOP MUSEUM is obviously named after Nana Mizuki’s BEST “THE MUSEUM”. Previous names to be considered were Jpopin’ (complete with a banner of a cherry) and MASSIVE WONDERS (another Nana name). I’m really glad I didn’t pick either of these. And you probably are too. Now on to me and my attention-loving self. Yep, I love myself so much I forgot to write about this blog for like 4 months.

About the Attention Whore Blogger

Hi, I’m kiseki gurl. I’m too lazy to write a real entry so I’ll just list bullet points of the important stuff:

-I am legitly 17 years old. I am also currently in high school and that is the reason why my posting habits are so sporadic and random .

-The first Jpop artist I listened to was BoA way back when I was 11. She’s been a favorite of mine to this day.

Nana Mizuki is my other “favorite artist”  despite the fact that I only started getting into her 2 years ago. I’m not too fond of most seiyuu idols though (cause most can’t sing for shit).

-Some artists that I also really like are ayaka, Namie Amuro, Jyukai, Roma Tanaka, K, and Tenjo Chiki. One day, I’ll write a real post(s?) about My Top 20 Favorite Artists.

-I don’t like losers idol groups like the Johnny’s and H!P despite the eye candy of the former. This may explain why I mostly listen to girls.

-You may know me as kisekigurl from the Jpopmusic.com forums (JPM) or as a stalker  commentator on seiyuu/any blogs that talks about Nana Mizuki

-I was formerly a staff blogger on Anime2Manga but that kind of died when I stopped watching anime. I do know the aniblogging community (and how crappy it’s become) pretty well though and this blog IS on Anime Nano despite the fact that I don’t ever talk about anime really…

-I do listen to American music and will always listen to KIIS FM or KBIG when in a moving vehicle. I tend to favour divas who can sing like Christina Aguilera and Beyonce. Currently obsessed with Lady Gaga at the moment.

Lastly, I’m a big drama queen and an attention whore at that. So don’t take me 100% seriously.

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