Posted by: kiseki gurl | July 6, 2010

I’m done here.

Hey it’s been awhile. Yeah I’m talking to all 3 of you who probably still read this blog (or all 1 of you). I feel bad for abandoning this blog like that but…well I did. There’s a million excuses I could give: college apps, my liver problems, my social life (yes I do have one), etc. But the truth is…

JPM is my second blog. After two blogs, I’m starting to realize that each blog represents a stage of my life. Once that stage is over, it’s out. And truthfully, I haven’t been listening to much Jpop. This blog was fun and represented a stage of my life but the truth is…I’ve changed. And I can’t continue.

So I guess I’m done here. I’m starting a new blog if anyone cares. Jpop will always be a part of me, like anime, and I hope I can talk about the former in my new blog too.




  1. It’s sad to see you go, (I was wondering where you disappeared off you to) but I’m glad you’re opening up a new blog 🙂 will check it out.

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