Posted by: kiseki gurl | July 29, 2009

6 Websites That are Blocked in China

1). Facebook
2). YouTube
3). Twitter
4). danie~ (China’s afraid of people getting ONCD: Obsessive Nana Compulsive Disorder too)
6). All dashboards

So SEE why I didn’t update peoples?

Actually, to be honest, even if I could access this blog, I wouldn’t have updated it anyways. China was like stepping onto an alien planet (an alien communist planet where car honks don’t mean stop and where the officials in white suits are convinced all foreigners have piggy flu). I was too busy living it up in China and I got to do some incredible things that most people (tourists) wouldn’t have the opportunity to do. I did see a woman in Xining wearing an alan T-shirt. Yep, that alan. It had the Sora Uta image on the back and front for those curious. And no I couldn’t snap a picture because she was crossing the street and I was in a moving I-guess-you-could-call-that-piece-of-crap-a-car.

So anyways, I guess I’m going to brush off the cobwebs and do a “THE JPOP MUSEUM-RE:START” whole type of deal. I’ve already started by removing “that entry”. Yeah, you should know which one I’m talking about. To be honest, I had moral qualms about it BEFORE even posting it and afterwards it just multiplied. The final straw was seeing another so-called “ex” using mine as “proof”. So yeah, it’s gone now. Done. I’m not going to argue it. And if you really want to find it again, go read the thread yourself or just find one of the sites who thought it’d be fun to plagiarize everything including my layout.

So now, I have a new post to work on. I promise it’s about Jpop this time. And that I will get it done, eventually. And afterwards I’ll catch up on all that I missed. Including that new Perfume album.



    But glad you had an uh, interesting time in China!

  2. Are you serious? Your telling me they ban Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and YouTube.

  3. are blogger and others internet social people will be suffer living at china? maybe i should be thankful for not being there…

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