Posted by: kiseki gurl | June 30, 2009

Semi-Hiatus: Off to China for a month

While I’ve been half-dead already since like the beginning of time, I’m going to be off to China from July 1st to July 26th. For those mortally curious about what I’m going to do for a whole freaking month-here’s the itinerary: Xian-2 days, Xining (teaching English)-2 weeks, and Beijing-2 weeks. I’m also calling this a “semi-hiatus” because I finally got my own laptop and may blog during my trip. But in reality, I probably won’t.

So yeah, see you guys all in month! And enjoy a certain post while you can because I’m going to “clean up” my blog when I get back. Laters.



  1. Oh well I hope you have fun! Anyway I’m another Nana Mizuki fan (Ultimate Diamond was amazing) and I just started my own blog and I was wondering if we could exchange links…. since I don’t know where else to post this.


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