Posted by: kiseki gurl | May 24, 2009

Nana Mizuki to Perform 3 Songs on Wednesday Jpop

This news was actually announced two weeks ago on her website but I figured that most people are unaware of what Wednesday Jpop exactly is.

Anyways, Wednesday Jpop is NHK’s other music show (their regular one is MUSIC JAPAN) and it plays on their secondary channel. It’s been a kind of on-and-off thing but it seems they’ve made a recent “comeback” with in April with Wednesday Jpop special with BoA and Perfume. Unlike most music shows, it allowed BoA and Perfume  to have a 3 song setlist and is structured in a very concert-like atmosphere. In other words, this show is freaking awesome.

I actually am not 100% sure if Nana will get to sing 3 other songs but I know BoA and Perfume did because I watched that episode. Also, a quick search on the JPS tracker says that another artist also got a 3 song setlist so Nana should hopefully get to sing 3 songs too.

Now just for fun, let me list what 3 song setlist I’d like Nana to sing and what she’ll probably end up singing.

What I’d Like the Setlist to Be:

1). Etsuraku Camelia
2). Tear’s Night
3). Astrogation

What the Setlist Will Probably End up Being:

1). Etsuraku Camelia
2). Shin Ai

Wouldn’t my “WANTED” list be epic?  And yeah, this post shows how I can take a tiny news info post and fluff it up with a load of crap.

On another note, wouldn’t it be hilarious if Nana did NOT end up singing 3 songs on Wednesday Jpop like I promised? Not only would this be the biggest failure of a post ever, I’d predict this happening to me:

Nana please perform 3 songs on Wednesday Jpop for my safety!!!!!



  1. lol I already set a reminder to record this, cos Wed Jpop is not abbreviated crap like MJ. 😛 And I actually think it’s prob closer to your list than not… if you’ve seen the album CM, it shows:
    1. Etsuraku Camellia
    2. Shin Ai
    3. Astrogation yeah, Tears’ Night is as possible as Transmigration lol, but at least you got 2 shots right.

  2. Ooooh, looking forward to this one =) And I’ll prolly agree with danie’s list, seems the most sensible one… But then again… Eternal Blaze… you never know XP

    Either way… *has already forgiven Nana for her MARIA&JOKER mess up* yeah, this made me that happy ^^

  3. I forgot to mention that usually artists perform one “old” song on Wednesday Jpop. Or at least BoA performed “Meri Kuri” and Perfume performed “Perfect Star, Perfect Style” so I’m guessing Nana will perform a fan favorite like “ETERNAL BLAZE”. I was just throwing Tears’ Night out there cause it’s one of my favorites lol.

  4. I just listened to ULTIMATE DIAMOND. It. Is. Amazinggg.

  5. Everyone prepare the stakes, Nana only sang 2 songs :p

    But the performance was awesome so… /me puts dangerous and pointy rifle away~

  6. […] onto the interesting part now. The second song Nana performed was, against all predictions, everyone’s beloved (and my begrudged) […]

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