Posted by: kiseki gurl | May 16, 2009

Oricon Round-Up #6

You know it’s a quiet week when I-sound-like-a-mouse-choking-on-my-cheese Haruka Tomatsu makes it onto Ninki. And even then, most of these artists are pretty mellow.



Love forever…- Miliyah Kato x Shota Shimizu


I’m REALLY glad the a-side turned out not to be a dull ballad but an chill and R&B track with bit of NeYo influence. As far as their voices go, I really wonder why Miliyah keeps on dueting with Shota  whe n her typical nice-tone-thin-vocals keeps on getting majorly overpowered by I-move-mountains-with-my-mindblowing-vocals Shota. I can barely hear Miliyah in the chorus, that’s how overpowered she is. Surprisingly, Shota’s also dueting with Miliyah for the other 3 laidback R&B b-sides and manages to sing circles around her as usual. This is a really good damn single though I’m looking more forward to Shota’s newest single.


I love Superfly’s voice – she definitely has one of the best voices, if not THE BEST, voice in Jpop. Unfortunately, I’m much less inclined to her 70’s style rock songs (it reminds me too much of my dad’s stuff). Therefore, a ballad was a nice welcome change of pace, especially a ballad as amazing as this. It follows the simple-piano-buildup- to-orchestra route and is really given life by Superfly’s vocals and the amazing bridge. The b-sides are good too if you’re into the 70’s rock thing.


A really mellow album full of soft piano ballads and the like that are given a sweet flavor by the singer’s soft but polished vocals. I have to be in the right state of mind for this album or I go drifting off to sleep. Actually, the album’s so calming it wouldn’t be a bad album to listen to if you needed to calm down and sleep.


Mika Nakashima-Over Load

OMG a cover where Mika is NOT dark and bored and emo! HOW CAN IT BE? Anyways, Over Load is a cheery track in the same pop-style that she’s been going at for awhile. It’s really catchy though and I’m in love with both the arrangement and the chorus. No Answer is a great b-side and it could really work well if this single was a double a-side.

Angela- Spiral/Loop

Catchy trance-ish anime themes at  its finest. For some reason, I can’t remember them from the Animelo DVD which is quite a shame since I quite like the vocalist’s vocal tone.



Eh, at first I was falling asleep listening to this while working on a concrete poem. However after chatting with j1m0ne, I decided to give it another chance and I start to appreciate it. This stuff is really mellow’n’chill with acoustic-guitar arrangements galore . I kind of like it but I’m not really enthustiastic about it. I’ll probably put this on my iPod later and hopefully it’ll get better after more listens.

Nana Nishino-BREAK AWAY

When I first saw her debut back in Janurary I immediately thought she was some scary Kana Nishino + Nana Mizuki hybird. What she is actually is something not either with her girly cheery pop-rock songs that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Hannah Montana soundtrack . BREAK  AWAY follows a similar vibe as her debut but is less catchy than Open Your Eyes was. The b-side Rinsu is a change-of-pace though with it’s more mellow acoustic-guitar vibe. However, I still care about this girl’s amazing dance skills more than anything else.


Rain is Fallin’/HYBRID DREAM- w-inds.

This really depresses me because w-inds. was one of my favorite artists when I was a little tween. Rain is Fallin’ is w-inds. failed attempt at electro-pop, obviously they weren’t paying attention when taking notes from Namie. Unfortunately, both HYBRID DREAM and the other b-sides are typical bland mellow b-side worthy tracks that are almost impossible to remember. It’s hard to believe that these are the same guys that put out the amazing CAN’T GET BACK as their last single. WTF seriously.

May’n – Kimi Shinitamo Koto Nakare

It’s no secret that I hate May’n and this single did not change my opinion on her one bit. It’s like she tried to animefy a BoA THE FACE reject track by making it “cute”. It’s seriously disgusting and bland. God why do I even bother listening to this girl anyways? Oh yeah, Diamond Crevasse…


Haruka Tomatsu- Koi no Uta

I actually think the arrangement is salvagable but unfortunately Haruka’s horrible vocals completely make this song un-listenable. I find it amusing that this girl admitted on her blog that she couldn’t sing despite her contract with Sony. Then again, I always find it amusing that I keep on listening to her despite the fact that I know she CAN’T sing. I guess I’m the biggest loser here?



  1. Nah I’m the biggest loser re:Tomatsu cos I know she can’t sing a note but I still buy all her CDs. But perhaps I can redeem myself by saying I own all Dew’s CDs too, they really are 7 shades of awesome.

  2. omg where did you find Nana Nishino’s single???

  3. Hey. I got your comment and I’d love to exchange links!

    You have a very interesting site~!

  4. j1m0ne> You’re just a crazy oyaji who wants to drool at Tomachan’s legs.

    solarblade> I just Youtubed the PVs.

  5. lol I really liked rain is falling. i thought it worked well xD

  6. oh that works xD

  7. Hmm… If I had to choose, I’d probably like angela’s songs the best. Although they’re a bit too similar to the songs she sang for Shikabane Hime… Oh well, not a very interesting week, unfortunately… But that might be just me :p I’m too hyper of a person… Can’t really listen to slow songs unless they’re epic =/

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