Posted by: kiseki gurl | April 29, 2009

The Obligatory Birthday Post


And unlike certain old hags, I’m legitly 17  thank you very much.

Actually, I’m really busy in real life thanks to AP testing and school. I probably sound like a whiny teenager when I say this oh wait I am but my life has been major FML right now. Honestly, I think that’s the phrase I use most every day besides “Hi” and “I’m tired”.  I’ve also gotten an average of 3 hours of sleep right now so I’m not really thinking straight. And yes, I’m aware that college and work is going to suck even more than high school.

Anyways, as for this blog…I really wanted to do a birthday Oricon round-up since so many releases are coming out on 4/29. Some that I can list at the top of my head are FictionJunction, Aya Hirano, Shoko-tan, JUJU (feat. the awesome JAY’ED), and NEWS. Actually, that’s not a lot but I’m not in a fit mental state to write anything witty or coherent anyways.

In other news, this is the best birthday present I’ve recieved so far:

Well this blows all her other PVs out of the water. And I’m not even the biggest fan of Etsuraku Camelia. The neo-traditional Japanese theme is really pulled off well and the budget is really high. Not to mention Nana looks damn alluring  in that kimono, especially when it’s off her shoulders <3. I think I’ve looped this at least 7 times, and each time I’m starting to like the song more and more too.

So um, yeah. Happy Birthday to me and I hope to see y’all in two weeks.



  1. Happy birthday girl!

  2. Happy birthday, from an old hag.

  3. Thank you both :)!

    And j1m0ne, girl you ain’t old. Yet.

  4. happy belated b-day!!

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