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The Belated Animelo Rundown on Those Who Matter

So while I’m aware that most people by now have either watched Animelo on Youtube or caved in and spent their life insurance on the blu-rays, I still think it would’ve been good to give a quick rundown on what I thought about those who matter. Or at least, that’s what I told myself until WordPress lost my almost-completed draft.

Anyways, for those folks who don’t know, Animelo is a big anime song event that takes place every year where the top anisong artists are required to perform. The 2008 event took place in Saitama Super Arena for the first time and was sponsored by King Records, Geneon, Lantis, and avex. Now, here’s some of the musings I had as I watched the ridiculously long DVD rips. I also apologize for disproportionate and blurry screencaps. Blame rvmb files.

Best Entrance-m.o.v.e:

That bike made me LOL for real. Then again, when has motsu not been hilariously tacky? To be fair, m.o.v.e performed pretty well even if their songs are a nothing but incoherent techno messes.

Most Underrated-suara:

God this girl’s vocals are amazing-both polished and unique. It’s too bad that she doesn’t seem to have much stage presence which may be why everyone tends to forget about her. Vocals-wise, she probably was the best of Day 1.

Most Disappointing – Lia:

AIR may be one of the most overrated anime series ever but the OP Tori no Uta is not. God I love Tori no Uta to pieces and was so excited to hear Lia perform it. Probably I set my expectations too high because when I heard Lia’s shaky, off-tune, weak vocals; I felt like someone smashed a durian in my face.

 Most Beautiful-ELISA:

Damn this girl is gorgeous, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise considering she’s a former model. Her performances were also impressive for a newcomer-especially HIKARI. I just wish she wore something more standout-ish than that white dress and hair accessory. Come on, the two bitches after her wore almost exactly the same thing.

Most Hideous-Ali Project:

And they look like transexuals or trannys as we say now. WTF is up with them? In fact, why they’re STILL around when they look, sound, and  smell like shit is beyond me. Also that ETERNAL BLAZE duet was really bad too. Messing up the lyrics is incredibly unprofessional and “not cute” and don’t get me started on how terrible ARIKA’s banshee vocals are. Ugh, epic fail.

 BEST Feathers-Minami Kuribayashi:

Actually, I would’ve given her Worst Outfit if Ali Project hadn’t come to steal her crown. Sadly, she doesn’t have much going for her either. No talent and no good songs to speak of. Then again, that could be said for 1/2 the artists at Animelo….

 Most I-Feel-So-Sorry-for-You – AAA!:

AAA! didn’t belong here and both the audience and AAA! knew it. They actually performed really well since they’re probably the only artist at Animelo that can both sing and dance well. Sadly, all they got was a chilly audience reception as they nervously interrupted each other during the MC. Well avex isn’t sponsoring 2009 so they won’t be back, not that it matters since it seems as if they’re gonnna be disbanded soon.

 Most GAR – Yoshiki Fukuyama:

He’s so freaking manly that he gives the very very feminine Animelo a masculine side. Just for a little bit. Though seriously, Makka na Chikai’s one of my favorite anime OPs ever and Busou Renkin has always been one of my favorite anime series. Seeing this hot-blooded performance made me want to weep hot-blooded tears. It was that epic.

 Most Improved – Aya Hirano:

Simply because last year’s Bokuen Desho Desho punk version was so bad that it makes almost anything look like a major improvement.  To be fair, her performance of Unnamed World was impressive. LOVE★GUN was back to the typical chicken sqwaking and panty-flashing though. Speaking of the latter, wouldn’t it be easier to just bare all like a certain Lady Gaga?

The Queen Diva – Nana Mizuki:

She may not dance as well as Namie or BoA (or my neighbor’s dog) but she certainly can outsing and outperform all three in her sleep. If you haven’t realized how on-key, passionate, and powerful her live singing is; go watch her performances NOW. Can I just call her the best live performer in Japan in be done with it?  Oh and her outfit this year was so much better than last year’s alien confection, she actually looked SEXY.

Girl You Ain’t No Diva – May’n:

While there’s no denying that May’n can carry a tune, that’s all she can really do. Her vocal tone can get really irritating sometimes and she doesn’t have good songs, dance skills, or looks. Now how long will she keep pretending she’s Sheryl Nome?

Most Impressive Day 1 – Minori Chihara:

While most people (including me) like Minorin for her looks, this is a reminder that she can sing. And well too. While she’s no Nana yet with the occasional out-of-tune-note and weaker upper range, she’s still one of the best performers in Animelo and above a good number of mainstream artists too. Not gonna deny it, I was really impressed.

Most Impressive Day 2 – Chiaki Ishikawa:

God not only does this woman put out like the most amazing anime songs ever, she performs the above CD-quality too. Seriously her haunting vocal gives me chills (in a good way). Why did I not see her at AX two years ago *bangs head*?

Coolest Oba-san – Masami Okui:

It’s still hard for me to believe that she’s 41 in that short skirt. And her live skills are still powerful and seasoned as usual. I couldn’t tell that she was sick either.

And that’s it really, if our favorite artist wasn’t on here that means they were too unworthy for my notice I forgot . Let the flames begin~!



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  2. Hehe, I’m like a big fan of Nana Mizuki and m.o.v.e so I’m happy they were on board.

    Oh….I thought i did leave a comment adding you…my bad…well now you do too!!!! I like it tons

  3. LOL Nana’s one of the main Animelo acts so don’t worry. I noticed avex isn’t sponsoring this year though, so it’s unlikely m.o.v.e will show up this year.

  4. slashagree on the ALI project part. And m.o.v.e is awesome, just look at the LED light movement from the audience when they’re on stage, much more energetic 😀

  5. Hey I think Yamani (nowhere) was great too.

    And ALI was terriblely dissapointing in EtaBlaze T_T

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