Posted by: kiseki gurl | April 4, 2009


^ This pretty much sums up my reaction when I first heard the news.

Though seriously, I’m wondering who at King Records (if not Nana herself) is short on brain power. Why ETERNAL BLAZE? Did they not remember that it came out in 2006? Why promote it three years and two albums later? I don’t have a business degree like some bloggers *cough* but that does not sound like a very good marketing strategy. Unless Nana’s gonna have an ETERNAL BLAZE live/duet  with Ali Project FUCK NO version as a bonus track on the album. It seems kind of unlikely with her track record but you never know.

Well at least Nana will be more comfortable with this since she’s already performed ETERNAL BLAZE 67456895986 times already. I think it’s safe to say that it’s a fan favourite now, along with POWER GATE. I’m still pissed that we’re not going to hear GIMMICK GAME. Hell, the reason why I wrote this post is because I’m pissed she’s not going to perform GIMMICK GAME (and the fact that I got diahreaa from some curry burger I ate at lunch).

Here’s to hoping this performance will be up to par with her normal standars, unlike her previous TV lives. It seems like there’s some substantial guests this time (Kobukuro, GIRL NEXT DOOR the avex whores) and hopefully Nana will get more buzz with this live and her narration job. I really really hope she can do more TV lives for her upcoming album. And Kohaku 09. But that’s just me dreaming.

*runs to nearest bathroom*


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