Posted by: kiseki gurl | March 7, 2009

Short Hiatus

The BoA pic on the top of the article is in no way related to this post. She just looks damn hot here :).

So with the coming of spring, my SATs (Shitbulled Awful Tests) are coming up next week . Thus, I probably won’t be able to churn out an Oricon Week or some random rants/musings that I have in the backlog. Why do I care so much about this SAT anyways? Well besides the fact that college you know is a priority in life, I pretty much have a deal going on that says good SAT score = study abroad in Japan this summer, which means more concerts for me and write-ups for you guys. It’s probably suicidal for this blog to go on hiatus when not a lot of people visit, but to hell with that.  I have listened to some music from this week though and I’ve just gotta say that JUJU’s album is major love. So jaa, matta ne for now.



  1. Hello kiseki gurl,

    I have been reading your blog and it is very interesting~
    HA~ the songs of Boa is good ~ and my most love is Shena Ringo ^^ she is so amazing ^^
    Hey! I have the interest to exchange banner with you. Just send me email if you are okay! Cheers^^

    Have a nice day^^
    Seraph (Specialized: Anime, Figure, Robot, PVC…etc)

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