Posted by: kiseki gurl | February 22, 2009

CDTV Ranking: Nana Mizuki #19 Most Wanted Lover?

Here’s the link because “embedded linking has been disabled by request”.

Yeah. I’m surprised that Nana could get on that list. Most seiyuu never gain mainstream fame so I assumed Nana wasn’t either because a). she’s not Chaka-uta and b). her CMs/PVs play in the middle of the night. Good job Nana-chan~!!! There’s also a couple of other fav artists *cough*BoA*cough* that were on the list too. So here’s the text list below with the artists I like bolded.

01. Ayumi Hamasaki
02. YUI
03. Ai Takahashi (Morning Musume)
04. Shoko Nakagawa
05. Tanaka Reina (Morning Musume)
06. Kaori Mochida (Every Little Thing)
07. Namie Amuro
08. Ai Kawashima
09. Nocchi (Perfume)
10. Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume)
11. aiko
12. Kiyoe Yoshioka (Ikimonogakari)
13. Ai Otsuka
14. Yui Aragaki
15. Chisa (GIRL NEXT DOOR)
16. Kaela Kimura
17. Koda Kumi
18. BoA
19. Nana Mizuki
20. ayaka

As for my thoughts (besides go Nana):

Namie Amuro is a Goddess

-LOL at me loving the last 3 the most (besides Namie of course)

-I always thought ayaka was underrated looks-wise. She’s naturally gorgeous. I still wish I had her pre-debut pictures, there’s a really good one when she was in high school (no make-up and still fabulous)

-I hate GIRL NEXT DOOR. I hate Chisa. I’m still convinced that avex bribed Kohaku to let them on. And I hate Chisa especially. Her voice and face bothers me. I want to smash it with a hammer.

BoA needs more sex appeal. She’d go up the list if she started trying. At least she has America.

Koda Kumi needs to bring back her sex appeal.

-And I thought Japan was over Half-Deaf Plastic Blow-up Doll. Guess not.



  1. Interesting find. Nana is the only one in my most wanted lover list. 😛

    Well, Nana’s CD/DVD always guaranteed a good spot in Oricon, I can say she’s quite mainstream now.
    ..but see who’s number 4. #1 otaku idol is there = a lot of otaku voted = not surprising to see Nana there. ^^;

    I can’t understand why people like a girl who never smiles *hint*2*hint*

  2. ^ Sadly my first reaction was actually “wow all the seiyuu ota all banded together”. All the Morning Musume members and Shoko-tan are clues that the wotas banded together too LOL. Oh well, at least Nana’s making her mark on the music business in a variety of ways.

  3. Aww… YUI got knocked down after 4 consecutive 1st place. . . It’s nice to see that Nana’s gaining more fame. You almost never see any seiyuu related stuff on these kind of polls or ranking.

  4. Wow, Nana actually made it to top 20 of that list. She never ceases to amaze me. My personal list has her at #1 too.

  5. Julius & IcyWind>>> Actually this isn’t the most impressive poll. Sometime last year, Oricon did a poll of the best female artists in this generation and had voteres split into 3 categories: male, female, and all. Guess who showed up at #8 in the female category?

    Uh huh, our beloved Nana-chan <3.

    Here’s the link (I think this is the fifth time I quoted it):

    That was the one that made me fall off my chair. But I didn’t mention it in this post because it’s kinda outdated LOL.

    And while I see the appeal of YUI, I think she’s way overhyped music and lookswise. Or maybe the “long-haired boy” comment from JPM is still circling my head.

  6. Lol Mochida Kaori. She looks like the obasan who lives next door *shrug*

    I would totally do Takahashi Ai, Aragaki & Kiyoe. Prefer A-chan to Nocchi, and I don’t fancy YUI (too sour-faced), Shokotan (reminds me of an ape) or Nana (I don’t find her physically appealing, really).

    I prefer Chihara Minori looks-wise, and I also adore people like Shibasaki Kou, melody., Shimatani Hitomi, Takanaka Eri etc

    Uh… why am I even talking about my taste in women here >.< I do remember the Nana Oricon one, though it’s in the male category (as in, the male fans) that Nana came 8th. I seriously doubt even 10% of Nana’s fans are girls…

  7. j1m0ne>>> Don’t worry, this comment section is made for us to talk about our in women :P. If I was judging looks-wise (and if I leaned towards the other side), I go for classic beauty and sexy which makes people I like for talent (like Nana) go bai bai. Unless the “lover” thing include “private acapellas” :D.

    Ugh, I hope I never write a post about my personal “Most Wanted Lovers” for the female side. I predict it’ll be posted within the next 3 months >.<.

    And didn’t that one interview (the one you translated) state the ratio of male to female was 8:2? But yeah, whenever I show LIVE FIGHTER BD to family/friends, the first thing they say is “OMG they’re all guys ” -_____-.

  8. Time to defend YUI. . .
    Kiseki gurl: You know YUI usually doesn’t wear make up, right? I can’t see how that makes overhyped, lookswise.

    j1m0ne: The reason YUI doesn’t smile much in pictures is because she thinks she looks chubby. But there are many more pictures where she smiles than she doesn’t. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon exactly those pictures where she doesn’t smile?

  9. ^ IcyWind please don’t take this too personally. I for one can say that I’m just having fun. Also it’s my opinion if I think someone’s overhyped or not because I probably don’t see eye to eye with you.

    And YUI DOES wear makeup for all public appearances like every other celebrity. She just uses a more neutral colors for a more natural look but it’s pretty obvious for anyone who’s remotely familiar with makeup.

  10. Then you must know too, that it’s light make up she wear, I suppose? In contrast to some other celebrities, that wear more than other?
    I’m not taking this personally. I’m just trying to discuss this in a civilized manner and try to change your point of view of her. Because my interpretation of your words are a bit more exaggerated than what you maybe really mean. I would have perhaps have stared started swearing and bla bla if I took it personally.

  11. Eh? I know about the YUI not smiling thing, it’s just that the memories I have of her from TV shows is the perpetual frown on her face. I just don’t fancy her or her music *shrug* One man’s meat is another man’s poison? And don’t take it to heart man, we (or I) just speak that way all the time and you should just take it at face value.

  12. “I hate GIRL NEXT DOOR. I hate Chisa. I’m still convinced that avex bribed Kohaku to let them on. And I hate Chisa especially. Her voice and face bothers me. I want to smash it with a hammer.”

    I totally share the same opinion with you about her. And her big ribbon in their debut album’s cover made me sick.

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