Posted by: kiseki gurl | February 22, 2009

BoA at Kollaboration 09 LIVE


Yeah, I wasn’t really too impressed overall with BoA’s setlist from last night. It probably didn’t help that she performed the same damn songs from Jingle Ball so I felt like I was watching her do the same thing…in uglier clothes. Vocally she did improve thank goodness though I’m always surprised to see how shrill her voice sounds live. Now as for her setlist…

It was Eat You Up and Look Who’s Talking. You’d think she’d at least perform I Did it for Love… since that’s her fucking new single but no….

There’s a fancam for Eat You Up so I won’t say too much:

Her vocals are fine but I felt like she was holding back. It probably didn’t help that when I looked into her eyes, it’s like she was saying “Fuck this, I wanna go to sleep”. There’s was no peformer’s zeal in her eyes and probably that’s what made  my enjoyment dampen all the more . 

As for Look Who’s Talking,  SM was being really anal about “no pics/recordings”. I don’t really see why considering a). I Did it for Love is the new single not LWT and b). Everyone recorded performances from KIIS FM anyways. But yeah, I was pleased to hear LWT being performed again since I really like that song. She improved or that may have been because she was thinking “Just one more and I can go HOME”. I was a lot less amused afterwards when I found the setlist was over and no I Did it for Love.

Edit: Security fails.

In general though, the soundsystem for Kollaboration was pretty damn horrible. Especially since they booked the freaking Shrine, you’d think they could’ve done better. The video screen was horrible too, even AX was better. Also, before I get people jumping me, I don’t think it’s BoA’s fault that she didn’t seem enthustaistic. She had just come from Japan and has been overworking as usual. I just thought it would’ve been a lot better if they made BoA go a lot earlier in the night. Then again, a lot people probably would’ve left right after she did (like they did last night and didn’t even bother to see the awards handed out) LOL.  You could pretty much tell the 12,000 people came for BoA mostly. She got the loudest cheers and I seemed to have been grouped in the BoA stan section where guys were like “where’s BoA?” every 5 mins and screamed “BoA I LOVE YOU” when she was there.  Overall though, I still liked the comedian guy’s act more than BoA though..and I’m a major BoA fan. Something’s wrong there.

Which leads me to wonder, maybe I’m seeing BoA too much? This is my third time seeing her and I’ve never actually seen her perform a real concert. Everything I went to were just events where she sang only 2 or 3 songs. I’ve already had the phenomenon of “OMG she’s not a computer screen” and I’ve already seen how pretty and tired she is in real life. I’m wondering if I should just stop seeing her until she puts on a one-woman live or concert.

And that…BoA. No CD release party for me unfortunately :(.


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