Posted by: kiseki gurl | February 20, 2009

Oricon Round Up#3

Yes I’m skipping last week. Lack of enthusiasm + life got in the way. Luckily, BoA’s here this week which makes this a lot more fun. Actually I can kind of see why j1m0ne stopped doing these round ups ….



One of her best single in ages. Actually, I think since Everlasting. While Eien doesn’t really go anywhere, it’s incredibly catchy and I find myself singing “Why did you say bye bye?” on repeat like a broken record. UNIVERSE features Crystal Kay & m-flo and while it didn’t live up to my sky-high expectations, it’s still a fun catchy song. I like the acoustic version of Believe in LOVE too surprisingly considering her vocals aren’t up-to-scratch on the verses (see ravex below for expanation). The only thing I don’t like is the MEDLEY because it reminds me of how crappy her Japanese career has been but’s a medley. This really is more WIN than EPIC WIN to me but since BoA’s career down in the crapper for so long, I’ll give her the legs up =D.

Maiko Fujiwara-BEST ALBUM-

And the other Epic Winner of the week is a complete opposite of BoA…Really, I can’t think of anyone more opposite since she’s an indie artist that relies on ethereal ballads and voice to go through while BoA’s more on catchy beat and dancing. Anyways, Maiko is apparently a ballads artist but that’s okay because her sweet piano-based ballads all actually have variety and flavour in them, which is only enhanced by her sweet, high voice. Actually her voice reminds me of a stronger Sachi Tainaka…Anyways very relaxing and beautiful. Get this girl a contract and dump GIRL NEXT DOOR please, avex someone.


aiko-Milk/Nageki no Kiss

I normally don’t like aiko’s irritating voice or lovey-dovey pop-rock but  I love this single. It has a funky jazz-pop-rock vibe that I found both catchy and original. Nageki no Kiss is a pleasant ballad though I like listening to the instrumental a lot more. I forgot what the b-side sounded like but it’s a guarranteed throwaway track anyways. Then again, the more I think about her voice the more my ears start bleeding so I find myself not really concentrating well when listening anyways. I should start paying more attention to aiko if she starts making good shit like this.

Ryoko Shintani-Marching Monster: 

Marching Monster? Despite the weird title, this album is basically one guilty pleasure of happy, cutsey anisong pop. Then again, this is coming from someone who’s motto is “happy, happy sunshine” or something similarly disgustingly cheery and cute and idol-like and full of rainbows and unicorns and butterflies . Like most seiyuu, Ryoko Shintani can’t sing for shit but the catchy instrumentals make this album surprisingly enjoyable. The rock influence on some of the songs certainly helps but mostly you’ll find yourself bopping your head to the songs with a disgustingly huge grin on your face.

MiChi-ChaNge the WoRld:

Damn, girl’s got soul in her voice! Though I still perfer Miho Fukuhara. Anyways, ChaNge the WoRld is a 90’s style poppy, catchy track  with a chorus that’s guaranteed to dance around in your head along with BoA. The b-sides are surpringly solid too.  Now why is this performing so badly on the charts? Her first single did pretty well too…:/….


ravex-Believe in LOVE feat. BoA:

 ravex seems to have established themselves as avex’s poor man (and poor ears) trance m-flo. Actually the instrumentation for Believe in LOVE is pretty nice. BoA’s the main problem of the song. She’s never been really good singing lower notes and you can tell she’s  struggling through the verses. This single still could be on win but  the b-side featuring Maki Goto is even so fucking awful due to a weak chorus and Maki’s horrible singing. I’m not looking forward to Maki’s solo career either. As for the major avex collaboration, it’s basically a preview for a lot of their albums though I seriously hope that wasn’t all the avex artists screaming at the end.


Basically, the typical UVERworld album. I’ve never been too fond of their style of pop-rock/rap and this album didn’t really change anything. Like all UVERworld albums, it lacks variety and the album tracks are really lackluster to the singles. Then again, I don’t expect anything more/less from them.

Rosairo to Vampire Cast-IDOL COVER BEST:

Talk about all over-the-place. The first four songs all sucked but the next four were ranged from decent to good. Then it went back to a mix of the good, the bad, and horrible. It still exceeded my expectations though, I predicted this would be the worst album this week. Nana Mizuki was my only reason for even bothering with this album in the first place; I haven’t watched a single episode of Rosairo to Pantsu and I don’t intend to. Nice to see where Akai Sweet Pea came from though.


Kanon Wakeshima-Shinshoku no Dolce

I appreciate Kanon trying to start a “new style” with her classical (and cello) influenced Visual Kei but this album fails harder than PETA. Every song sounds the fuckin same and it’s really hard to tell them apart. At least the two singles sound stronger than the rest but overall I really got tired of hearing (almost) the same song 12 times in a row.

Megumi Hasyashibara-Front breaking:

This may be a sin to all seiyuu fans but I’ve never actually listened to any songs by Megumi Hashiyabara. Now that I’ve listened to this single, I perfer not to. I respect the Goddess for her voice acting but singing isn’t her forte and these typical, boring anisongs are not helping her.


Nana B0000bs Tanimura-Crazy for You:

Ugh what happened to you Nana B0000bs? (trust me, she deserves the four Os) I was hoping she went off for all those months to get schooled in singing technique but she sounds more AWFUL than ever with all those horrible attempts at ad-libbing and strained notes. The instrumental for Crazy for You isn’t too good either; it tries to be catchy without actually being catchy. The only song that is actually catchy No Music, No Life No Good. I don’t like the PV either, she’s gotten from sexy to plain trashy. Ugh and she actually has a good vocal tone too…What a waste of potential Nana B0000bs.



  1. …aw, c’mon, wakeshima’s effort wasn’t bad, well–it’s just that it’s got this whole malice mizer thing mixed in it (can’t blame her, mana’s involved). but you’ve got to admit at least skip turn step was a notch different than the rest now.

  2. […] Eien: While I think of it as the soundscape that doesn’t go anywhere, I still love Eien as much as I did a month ago. It’s just way too damn catchy to not love and is the song I bop my head […]

  3. Nana Tanimura has a new single every-body

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