Posted by: kiseki gurl | February 20, 2009

Looking Back: Shokotan Experience at AX 08



Also written and posted on JPM before. Ah, the peak of my short-lived Shoko-tan fandom. Oh how do I miss it.


It was very energetic and very fun overall. Shoko-tan really tried her best and sang one song after another non-stop. She only took pauses to run backstage and change into another cosplay (I believe she changed different cosplays. Rei Ayami, Haruhi, and that Gurren Lagan Bikini Girl were the anime cosplays I believe).


Her Japanese fans are HARDCORE. Not only did they get their asses over to Japan-they reserved the first five rows, made fans for themselves and everyone around them (with little jewelry charms hanging down), coreographed glowstick dances for every song, stood up the whole time forcing the whole middle section to stand up  😆 , waved the glowsticks around during every song (including the music video breaks), and when Shoko-tan was running to the left, middle, and right of the stage to take pics for her blog-they ran in a huge mob to follow her  :lol:. They were a lot of fun though.


Now let’s go song by song.


The first part pretty much anime cover songs. I wasn’t familiar with all of them but she covered 1/2 (Rurouni Kenshin), the Revolutionary Utena Girl theme song, the Sailor Moon theme song, and Hare Hare Yukai (Haruhi). She cosplayed for a couple of them. She was very energetic though her voice sometimes seemed hoarse.


Then she sang that Sukashi-pan-pan whatever song. And that pan-man come out. Everyone danced to the song-even Jyukai (the other musical guest of honor) who was sitting on the right front  😛 . It was a lot of fun even though I hate that song  :roll:.


The next song was [b]Shiny Gate[/b]. While Shiny Gate sounds shitty from the previews, it’s actually very good in whole. [b]I can easily say it’s one of her best singles.[/b] Problem is, you can’t rely on the chorus or verse alone. It’s one just one of those songs that you really need to listen to throughout. The verse builds up to the chorus.


After that it was Brilliant Dream. It was one of her best performances vocally too. It was around this time I took my cellphone and waved it around in place of a glowstick  :lol:. I don’t remember much besides that…


Then it was Kimi no Melon. Or Kimi no Meron. Whatever, I never liked that song one bit so I pretty much just sat down. And then I couldn’t see because all of her crazy Japanese fans were standing up and waving their glowsticks around.


Next it was [b]snow tears[/b]. Now this is my favorite Shoko-tan song so I’m a bit biased. But this definitely was the other highlight of the concert-besides SHINY GATE and brilliant dream. While her vocals seemed a little strained (understandable considering the amount of energy she used), it was still very wonderful. She was still able to bring out the emotion in her voice very well.


After sitting through Gurren Laggan dub plugs (EWWWW), we got Sorairo Days. Obviously. This was probably the most energetic performance and the audience seemed happiest with this (keep in mind most of the American otaku know her as “that girl who sang Gurren Lagan OP”). It was very fun and enjoyable and vocally on-point too.


Then there was Happily ever after. To be honest, I don’t remember much. The song has always been rather mediocre for me.


Lastly, there was the new Gurren Lagan song for that movie. Something no Sekai I believe. It’s actually much more rock and Shoko-tan was attempting to do the rock style (failing of course but looking cute while doing it). It’s actually not a bad song either though it’s kinda similar to her other rockish songs.


Then for the encore there was a Dragon Ball Z song. Whoo-hoo, I didn’t know it but it’s great to see her again.




Autograph Session:


This is what I got signed.: the Shoko-tan x Hello Kitty combo plushie. I was the only one that apparently asked Shoko-tan to sign it. She gave a small laugh when she saw the Hello Kitty  :lol:. I also told her in Japanese that her live was good and that I had fun. She seemed surprise that I could speak some Japanese (I dealt with the mean manager? that said 1 item only in English).


I also was able to get her picture. She cosplayed as I-don’t-know-what.





-Shoko-tan’s Japanese fans are INSANE. They were going like the energizer bunny nonstop and put so much effort into supporting Shoko-tan. Otagei basically as I now know what it’s called.

-SHINY GATE is actually a good song. It sounds better with the whole thing. Gurren Laggan song isn’t bad either.

-Shoko-tan is adorable in person  :w00t:.



  1. She also sang Zankoku na tenshi no theese! (when she wore the rei outfit)

  2. Brilliant Dream and Shiny Gate are her two best songs. You are so lucky to have seen that.

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