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Looking Back: Jyukai Experience at Anime Expo 08



Continuing in the looking back concert series, I wrote this for JPM last year so just copying and pasting cause they’re still awesome. Now where’s my new single?



One of the best concerts I have ever attended in my life. I was super lucky and got a near-front seat. I was also dead center. Minami was directly in front of me. The Nokia theatre has wonderful acoustics, Dewa rocks on his guitar, and Manami’s voice is heavenly and perfect  :w00t: . Oh and Manami is extremely beautiful in real life  hehe. She wore hair extentions thank goodness.


After endless Geneon anime plugs and a Yoko Ishida intro-act that was about two songs too long, we finally got to Jyukai. Actually, the audience seemed to have come for Ishida WTF  :blink:. Some people even left before Jyukai went out  :crying:. Anyways, when they finally came out, they made sure to not only own Yoko Ishida but make anyone who missed the concert regret it.


First up was Anata ga Ita Mori. Interestingly enough, this was probably their weakest perfomance compared to all their other ones. But it was way higher than most lives that you see. Manami seemed like she wasn’t used to the mic and sang a bit too softly until the end. At the end she held the notes for a bit (like in the Animelo live) and pulled it off.


Afterwards, Manami ran for water. She said to us, “I am happy to you sing.” We were all confused until someone corrected her and she said “I am happy seeing you”  :lol:. Her Engrish was super cute though  :P.


Next was Koibito Doushi and then Hanamuke no Melody. Minami seemed to have a lot of fun performing this. She sang loud enough this time and was flawless pretty much. I’m combining these two together because they were both Oh My Godess! songs.


After those two was Hoshiakari. Manami’s voice is really best suited for ballads and it showed. This was undoubtedly the best performance of the concert. Her vocals really shined through and it was hard not to feel the tenderness and emotion she put. I burst into tears in the middle of the song  :crying:. She also held the “zutto” in the middle for a long time (longer than the CD recording) and instead of fading out like in the recording, she only brought out the note. It was incredibly impressive and I was not the only one clapping after that. This was also probably the only time I was tempted to look at the video screens next to them though-I love Busou Renkin. But I could only manage quick glances as I kept looking back at Minami.


Then there was another little MC as Manami taught us the word “saigo”. She basically made us say “Jyukai is saigo”  :lol:. We also were told that the next song was energetic so we got up, chanted, and clapped for…


Ai no Hoshi. This is one of my favorite songs so I was supper happy. She was really energetic in this one and the crowd loved this song. You could definitely tell how excited they both were. Until she told us that the next song was the last.


I was hoping this song would be Sakasete wa Ikenai Hana but it was Hikari. Yay for Fate/Stay Night promotion. It was another beautiful ballad from them though truth to be told I never really was too fond of Hikari and I was wondering if they would do an encore.


Then Jyukai left (despite the chants of encore) and the host came out. She said that “Manami’s voice touched the heartstrings” and some guy randomly called out “It’s just me and her baby”  :lol:. The host told him “You wish”  😆   😆   :lol:. Then Jyukai came out with much chanting from the audience and told us they would sing two songs.


The next song was Phalenopsis. I was shocked they would perform this-and happy. It’s one of my favorite Jyukai songs and probably the best album track they have (in my opinion). The rock feel was definitely there and Manami performed this flawlessly.


The last song was Himegoto. The crowd loved the energetic, rock feel of the song and so did Jyukai. I was actually kinda disappointed because they didn’t perform Sakasete wa Ikenai Hana…but I enjoyed Himegoto nevertheless.




This happened the next morning after the concert. I don’t remember all the questions but I’ll write down everything I remember here.


Jyukai has no definite plans for a new single at the moment.I asked them this myself. They say they have some news songs written and probably gonna write more because of their whole happiness with AX. When they get home, they’ll do their best and try to get something out.


-Manami’s favorite songs are Anata ga Ita Mori and Hoshiakari. Anata ga Ita Mori was written after a breakup with her boyfriend and makes her feel like crying every time she performs it. Hoshiakari was written as a thank you to the fans and also makes her cry everytime she performs it.


-Manami is learning guitar. She is listening to a lot of female singers who play guitar like Avril Lavigne currently.


-The name Jyukai comes from “a sea of trees”. They intended their music to be like a sea of trees in the beauty and variety.


-Manami also wanted to become a singer because she couldn’t think of anything else. At what point she wanted to become an idol  :blink:  but after she started dance lessons-she realized she couldn’t dance  :lol:.


-Dewa hated music as a kid apparently because his parents own a record store. But after middle school, he listened to X Japan and fell in love with music.


-Both Manami and Dewa listen to rock like Evanescence and X Japan. Dewa said he perfers music without lyrics though  :?:.


-All Manami does in her free time is watch anime and make jewelry at home. All Dewa does in his free time is read manga and surf the internet at home. I guess this is why they don’t have a new single out.


-When Dewa wants to compose a song, he locks himself in a dark room and works hours on end.


-Whenever Manami is getting ready for a performance, she drinks lots of alcohol to make sure she is emotionally ready. She also tries not to get nervous.


-Manami actually sees herself as a bad singer who improved with practice.


-Both Manami and Dewa are single. Manami is single because no one wants to marry her (as soon as she said this 15 guys got out of their seats and looked like they were ready to propose to her  :lol:). Dewa never wants to get married  :lol:.


The panel was really fun and lots of people came and asked questions. They both have a sense of humor, especially Dewa.




Manami sang a little bit of two songs at the panel. Acoustically. And by that I mean, she got up and started singing with the microphone only. Her voice was beautiful and flawless without anything to back her up. And she didn’t plan on singing either.


She first sang a bit of Anata ga Ita Mori after some idiot told her that he never went to the concert and wanted to hear her sing. After she sang, he said that they got a new fan  :lol:. Manami’s voice was very clear and emotional as she sang the chorus of Anata ga Ita Mori. People walking outside stopped to look in.


After that, I finally got the courage to ask her to sing Sakasete wa Ikenai Hana.It was pretty funny because she was nodding when I mentioned the song name, but when she heard “utaatekudasai” her expression changed  :lol:. But she sang the second verse anyways and her voice was stronger than in the first. It was very impressive and I eagerly thanked her. As I went back to my seat, she apologized for not singing “so well”. Apparently, she drank too much beer the previous night after the concet  :lol:.


Autograph Signing:


^ That’s me talking to Manami BTW courtesy of their blog.

There was one right after the concert so I pushed everyone out of the way to buy two CDs (one for my friend). The Kinokuniya booth selled the harvest CD for $37. Outside the concert, [b]I bought the harvest CD + DVD for $15[/b]. What a great deal.


Then my friend and I rushed to the line in order to wait for Jyukai. I think we waited about an hour after finding my camera. There was a much bigger line for Jyukai than Yoko Ishida not suprisingly. Anyways, Jyukai showed up a little late but at least they showed up unlike Yoko Ishida (sucks for the other line).


Anyways, I was super nervous when giving them my CD (and asking them my questions at the panel too BTW). Manami used a special gold sharpie for mine and told me to wait to let it dry  🙂 . While she was signing, I burst out “Manami-san wa kireii desu” and she looked a little suprised before thanking me. Then I went to Dewa and told him that the live was good.



-No definite plans for a new single. We may be getting a happy song inspired by AX though  :grin:.


-Manami’s voice is perfect live. She can sing well both in concert and on-the-spot with just a microphone. She’s also pretty in real life too  :grin:.


-Both of them are single  :lol:. Though good luck trying convince Dewa to marry you  :P.




  1. Manami is hot and I love Jyukai’s music, but it’s been over a year after harvest, and no sign of any new piece at all. They performed so many songs in that live! I might cry hearing Anata ga Ita Mori too, lol. Her voice is captivating.

    Btw, the Ishida Yoko thing is understandable, considering her long history in anime music.

  2. I guess Manami has been busy with her Aimmy project, so we probably won’t hear of Jyukai for a while?

  3. danie>>> About the Yoko Ishida thing, does she really? She’s got zero talent. Then again, that doesn’t really matter LOL.

    j1m0ne>>>That’s what she said T___T. I’ve been not-so-secretly wishing for the whole Aimmy project to get dropped though, it’s fucking awful! And the first single sold like 100 copies, that’s just fucking sad.

  4. sigh.. I wonder when will their/her next single/album be released next?.. >< i so miss them/her…

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