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Looking Back: An Ex Aya Hirano Stan Nuked

So for my second “Jpop concert”, if I can even call it that, I actually wrote about the experience the day I got back on a now dead-and-buried blog. Looking back now, wow…I can’t believe I wrote all that. This was during the time that I was the Aya Hirano stan who didn’t really appreciate Nana Mizuki beyond “that cool-sounding Nanoha OP” *bangs head*. So I thought it’d be fun to go back and write liner notes on what I felt now. Everything bolded pretty much will be shit I wrote today, the rest is stuff from two years ago.

And just to clear it up, I do not hate Aya Hirano. I just snapped out of my stan (obsessive fan to the beyond of reason) mode and realized that Aya cannot sing for shit. And she doesn’t have good songs either. I’m making fun of myself with this so just sit back and enjoy the show please.  

“I  just got back from AX after a very long day. No shit. So how was the SOS Brigade Invasion Tour? Basically it was a wonderful mess. Or really, it was just a mess. The performances were wonderful but the AX staff screwed up.  Along with Bandai, the SOS Brigade’s manager, Aya, Yuko Goto, and most importantly S.K.I.N. Long story short, those four lazy asses didn’t bother rehearsing till night before, separately, and during soundcheck screwed up so badly that they delayed their concert for 3 hours and messed up every other event. I got this story from one of their event coordinators. You may not believe me but it you think about it, it makes sense. Think of a top-class restaurant with the best gourmet AYA HIRANO GOURMET, LOL. Though yes, Minorin is delicious looks-wise food but a 2 hour waiting and horrible service. That’s basically what this was. WARNING: EPIC FANGIRL POST AHEAD.

Apparently AX can’t do anything right. Word.  Hence the concert started two hours late from schedule. I, along with many other people, stood in the hot sun for two freaking hours. Luckily, I made friends. Hey, it’s only at AX when high schoolers can talk to 40 year olds about Claymore. Anyways, I eventually went inside and got my premier seat. Which was in the front AND middle. It was SO worth the $30. No it wasn’t. Both the Shoko-tan and Jyukai concerts the next year were so much better, and I paid $20 for those (each).

It took them a while to start the concert. Like another half hour.  There was a lot of stalling with commercials and audience screens. The audience cheered, clapped, and even did several waves (both inside and outside of the arena) from boredom. They also messed with the light colors and DVD player a few times. That’s why we were totally unprepared when a small figure was in the darkness. A second later, I realized it was Yuko Goto. Oh lord.

Yuko Goto started the show with “Koi no Mikuru Densetsu”. There’s not too much to say except that she sang even more off-tune than the recording. And damaged my ears in the process but I was too nice to say it at that time. Then again, it’s not like she can sing anyways. But the more she sang off-tune, the more the audience cheered. Oh and she was wearing a cute skirt if you were wondering. At least she’s got one asset.

After she was done, she thanked us with suprisingly decent English. And by decent I mean she could carry a converstation unlike Aya and Minorin. Patricia Ja Lee was the host along with this random translator that didn’t really help. Then Stephanie Sheh, the really short English VA, came out and both Yuko Goto and Stephanie Sheh did on-the-spot voice overs for Mikuru. I admit, I could care less so I found it a bit boring. A bit boring? How about really fucking boring.  When this was all over, they introduced the next guest, Aya Hirano.

Aya Hirano performed “Bokuen Desho? Desho?” as the next song. To be honest, this wasn’t that great of a performance. It fucking sucked ass! She used this weird vibrato in her voice shit vibrato, I just didn’t want to say it at the time and she sang with a faster tempo than the song resulting in an utter mess. Then again, all her songs are a shitty mess.  Oh and she was wearing these really short shorts. Like I said with Yuko Goto, she’s got her assets.

After Aya Hirano finished, they did another voice over thing. This time it was with Wendee Lee. I thought Wendee Lee was Asian. I was surprised to find that she was this middle aged white lady with blonde hair. Oh well. Also, Aya Hirano talked a lot but the translator was useless so I didn’t catch much. All I got was that she apparently lived in the States when she was 3 and spoke good English but she forgot it all. No kidding, she was the worst out of the three. Guess she didn’t pay attention in English class during her schooling.

Next, Minori Chihara came up and performed two songs from the Yuki Nagato Character CD that I did not know offMuon, Madobe, Nite and SELECT I believe. Either ways, both songs were pretty good but I liked the first trance one better (anyone know what its called). She kinda had the Yuki Nagato act going on too by looking at the ground and moving her arms robotically. Para Para arms FTW. But she always does those hand motions till I wanna throw up. But it was a good performance with strong vocals. And by far the best performance of the day.

Afterwards they did another voice over. However, this time it was with Johnny Young Bosch who’s the English VA for Itsuki. It was pretty funny since basically she did her lines with Johnny just gruniting for like two lines. It wasn’t fantastic but it was at least enjoyable. And prepared us for the highlight of the concert. I think this is when people thought Johnny insulted her LOL.

Aya Hirano came back after that and performed “God knows….” and “Lost My Music”. Thankfully, she performed much better on these two songs. At first, God knows… was a little shaky really shaky because of that horrid vibrato but she got better. She even managed to hit the high notes perfectly which surprised me. Did she? She was vibrating those notes so loosely that she pretty much went through the whole span of each note. It’s hard not to hit the note. Then she performed Lost My Music flawlessly. And that was my definition of flawless? I have to say that I enjoyed this the most, but I’m biased because I have always loved those two songs more than the rest combined.

After that Patrica Ja Lee introduced the two other actresses from the ASOS Brigade (I forgot their names). Then she introduced the dance contest winners. Soon, everyone came back up there and danced to “Hare Hare Yukai”. Aya Hirano, Yuko Goto, Minori Chihara, the English VAs for the Haruhi dub, the ASOS Brigade, the dance contest winners, and even the translator. Oh and I say dance because it was so obvious that they were lip-synching it. There were no mikes. Well duh. It’s not like Yuko Goto can pull off singing and dancing at the same time without sounding like dog shit.

Then the audience screamed for an oncore and got one. It was “Hare Hare Yukai” again. This time it was the TV version. Aya Hirano, Yuko Goto, Miniori Chihara all had head set microphones this time but they lip-synched it again. I know this because when Aya wanted to speak she couldn’t be heard and had to use the big microphone. Epic fail.

So basically, that wraps up this concert (if you managed to make it this far). There were a shortage of mikes, numerous mike problems, DVD problems, and a million other technical difficulties. So yeah, AX fails even if the actual content was good. What good content? It was mostly stupid skits.  It was a fun at the time for deluded people concert even if it was a tad on the expensive side. Now it’s 11:32 P.M Pacific Time and I’m off for bed. I have a wedding to go to. Which was more fun than THIS :).



  1. Aw, you really did love Aya back then. 😛

    And no, you can’t change your opinion drastically over time, it’s just the love had transformed into hate, just like everyone else.

    Welcome to the club.

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