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Live Concert Report: BoA at Mnet in Budokan

So I just remembered that I was going to see BoA again (third time baby) at that Kollaboration thing  and I realized that I should write about all my past concert experiences. Mostly for myself but I thought it’s always fun for readers to read. So I’m going back through and writing from memory instead of writing an Oricon Report for a snoozer week :). Also I should note that this took place back in 2006. April 15th, 2006 was the exact date I think but don’t quote me on it. I know that was a couple Ice Ages ago but I figured better late than never?

Before the Concert:

I had no real plan to go to the concert at all. I remembered seeing the notice go up on BoAjjang at that time and thinking “Oh cool,  I’m gonna be vacationing in there around that time”. It wasn’t really until the day of the concert that I seriously thought about going. It took 30 mins of researching  with the poor, overworked concerige (“what’s this Budokan place?”), lots of “where are we?”s, a helpful English-speaking dude on a bike, and some scalper who DIDN’T speak English to get the tickets. I thought our adventure was done once I got to my seat but it turned out God had more tasks up for me.

Before BoA:

I am not Korean. I do not know any Korean words besides “saranghae” and “kamsamida”. Thus whenever those two hosts started babbling I just sat there looking like this -____-. What was even worse were the other performances. BoA went dead last so I pretty much spent the whole concert panicking about BoA as boyband after boyband went up. I know Tohoshinki was there, and so was Shinhwa but I honestly couldn’t tell which was which. Luckily there was K, a talent singer who I had not heard of before then and am a fan of now. But anyways, you get my point and when finally BoA came out I couldn’t help up but stand up and jump up and down like the weaboo fangirl that I was. Now to the songs.

-BoA Segment Report-

1).  OUGROW~ready butterfly~:

With the few intro trance beats and screams of the audience, the Best of Asia (or so she claims) was off to a kickass performance of the album track (and one of my favorite songs ever) OUTGROW~ready butterfly~. The first thing that came into my mind was “OMG. Her hair O___O. SHE LOOKS DISGUSTING”. I’m glad BoA never reverted back to this hideous hairstyle because it looks gross on her and the screens didn’t show it but her face looks incredibly old and tired with this hairstyle. Anyways, back to the music, I was surprised she didn’t lipsynch this because she pretty much in-tune for the most part. Her dancing was hot as usual and she can really pull of the crisp coreography. You work it, girl <3.


The next song was unsurprisngly DO THE MOTION, the first and probably the last BoA single that got #1 on Oricon. She did lip-synch this part which was probably a good thing because she seemed out of breath by the end of OUTGROW~ready butterfly~. She also put on a cute hat (see in pic above) and a cane or something and did a smooth foxtrot just like in the PV. I normally don’t like songs such as DO THE MOTION but it’s so classy and elegantly sexy; it’s hard not to like the song or the performance.

3). Everlasting (Korean Version):

I never did find this performance on YouTube so looks like you’ll have to listen to me LOL. This was after the MC section so she had time to take off that hideous vest and (hopefully) get some water. Her vocals were really on point though during this performance. She sounds a bit higher-pitched in real life but she still has grit and power under them. Also, she was pretty much in-tune during the whole performance so that’s a major plus. Overall, it was a really great way to end the night, confetti and all.

So yep that’s it really. There were like 20+ artists at the event I think (or at least that’s how much it felt like) so I really couldn’t expect anything like a one-man concert. It was still the highlight of my trip and despite the fact that BoA looked old, tired, shit in that hairstyle it was really great. I was on the second level but I had a pretty good view of her. Most of all though, this was the first time that I saw a favorite Jpop artist in real life and not on a computer screen. That’s what made it the most special.

Now as a reward for making it, here’s another picture:



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