Posted by: kiseki gurl | February 7, 2009

Oricon Round Up #2

Wow, I’m actually getting hits. I’m amazed especially since I’ve been regarding this more as a personal Jpop blog. Well no matter though I promise I’ll try to think of something more original and interesting soon. Unfortunately,  I have a majorly infected computer so I’m going to be having trouble getting (and ripping) songs for awhile. I’ve also decided to impliment a ranking system and because I’m stupid not sophisticated, there will be no letter grades or 5/10 because I don’t think that way. Instead, I’m going to simply use “win, meh, and fail” which is how my simple mind processes it. Also note that the word “epic” will be used for very. Simple enough?

What was left over from last week:

Kana Nishino-MAKE UP: Oddly enough, I acutally like MAKE a lot better than MAKE UP. If you’re wondering, MAKE is the orignal song used for some Chocolate anime and MAKE UP is the “remix” with different lyrics. Either way, MAKE is a lot better because Kana’s not straining her voice to reach the high notes. Both Kirai and Shelly are decent b-sides too, the previews don’t do them justice LOL. Anyways, definite win.

Now for this week…..


alan-Gunjou no Tani: Oh my god, I cannot stop confessing my love to this song. “Epic win” is the description I usually use but to be a little more specific, amazing song with a powerful chorus, ethnic feel, and a bit of rock flavor. The acoustic version is heavenly too, which (in my own biased eyes) demonstrates how amazing the song is. My alan for love just got revitalized.


DISNEY DREAM POP TRIBUTE TO TOKYO DISNEY RESORT 25th ANNIVERSARY: No this is not an early April Fool’s joke, this cover album is actually pretty decent. Well it doesn’t help that most Disney songs are held at a certain quality and so are the avex (or shall I say more Rhythm Zone) artists are too. The best covers seem to be the ones that are tweaked to fit the artist in question musically, so definitely give a go on BRIGHT’s r&b mix of Beauty and the Beast and AAA‘s Hawaiian Roller Coast Ride Eurobeat Mix (be warned, their original is boring). Luckily most of the artists put a lot of their personality in the covers, like Mai Fukui, Mihamaru GT, and Koda Kumi so you get a long of strong covers. Just watch out for alan’s A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, it’s a snoozer and her voice isn’t special enough to carry out a simple, boring arrangement unlike let’s say Mai Fukui. Or maybe I’m just mad because there’s no Chinese wail of A Dream is a Wish Your Heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart Makeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

COLOR-White~Lovers on canvas~: Probably not the best thing to listen to at the gym, but they did warn you that this is a ballad album. And a very strong one at that. COLOR is surprisngly one of the few Japanese boybands who can actually carry a tune (EXILE is two vocalists, w-inds. is one). Their r&b ballads are nice, polished, and relaxing. I’ll keep an eye out for them and hope they don’t permanently stick to ballads. Great debut.


AI-You are my star: Jesus, where did the fierce AI go? I swear she died years ago and this new, dull ballad AI has replaced her. Anways, You are my star isn’t a bad song but it’s a pretty typical ballad alas.

Aki Misato-Life and proud: So I only know Misato as “that loser on Nana Mizuki Smile Gang” and well…yeah, she’s a loser LOL.  Wow. I’m stupid. I mixed her up for Misato Fukuen. But still, she can’t sing either. Okay that’s mean, actually the song Life and proud isn’t that bad of a song but it’s very typical and unmemorable. I do like the b-side though, it’s very refreshing. Too bad her singing is crap, did she get proper training or did she just practice at karaoke for “training”? 


Yukari Tamura-Komorobe no Rosette: NO I can’t read the Kanji without a translator T____T. Anyways, I wondered why I even bothered listening to this album because I hate cutsey, squeaky-voiced idols (or seyiuu idols) like her. It’s not a complete fail because I acutally like some of the jazz tracks like the opening track but most of the rest songs make me want to a). sleep or b). rip my ears out. Awful.

CHAGE AND ASKA-VERY BEST NOTHING BUT C&A: Actually, I was tempted to put this in the EPIC FAIL category but that wouldn’t be fair since this is clearly not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, while I tried my best ot actually enjoy this album, I only liked SAY YES. Everything was incredibly dull and painful. I was actually looking for the end of each song. Horrible. I’m never going to listen to them again.

masterpiece/jellyfish-Mami Kawada: Masterpiece is not a masterpiece. And I don’t even rememberwhat jellyfish sounds like. And Mami’s really turning into the Koda Kumi of I’ve a.k.a. Release Whore to the Power Infinity. Quality over quantity, honey.


None. Amazingly. But this wasn’t a very busy week either.


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