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Oricon Round Up #1: Janurary Albums and Singles

So I originally intended on doing weekly Oricon round-ups but there’s some random things I wanted to cover from previous weeks. It’s still going to be focused more on the latter past two weeks because I remember most of those better. Enjoy. And no pictures, I’m too lazy I don’t have Photoshop on the uninfected computer.

Stephanie feat. SRM-Pride~A Part of Me~: Stephanie’s worst single sales-wise and music-wise. Pride~A Part of Me~ is a pretty ballad…for the first time. Then it just gets bland and boring. SRM is the other costar from the Pride movie I think, and her voice is bloody annoying. KISSES is pretty good though, surprisingly it has a nice acoustic guitar line too, a drastic change from Stephanie’s usual songs. Horrible.

Nana Mizuki-Shin Ai: Why do I need to write about this? Everything the Goddess puts out is awesome. Ahem, well Shin Ai took a long time to grow on me, I don’t think I started liking it until like the 20th play. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty epic ballad with Nana singing amazingly high notes. As for the b-sides, PRIDE OF GLORY is a catchy, upbeat song  in a similar vein to Astrogation (though the latter is still better) and Gozen 0ji Toki no BABY DOLL is just…dull.

Tohoshinki-Bolero/Kiss the Sky Baby/Wasurenaide: Why did these bitches overtake the Goddess? I hate God. Actually, Bolero had potential in my opinion. It has a lovely instrumental. Unfortunately, it’s got something missing-a melody. I was impressed with the ad-libbing done on the last chorus though, nice to remember that there’s a boyband who can somewhat-sing. Kiss the Sky Baby is unmemorable and Wasurenaide is a mellow, simple ballad. The latter’s still the best song on this triple a-side.

May’n-May’n Street: Good lord, how the hell did this get #2 weekly? It’s fucking awful. I suspect deluded otaku (who still think she’s Sheryl Nome) are buying it. Anyways, all the songs range from flat-out mediocre (BLUE, Kiss wo Choudai) to the worst thing created in 3 years (May’n Space).  I suspect all the songwriters/producers/May’n were on meth when making this album. It’s THAT bad. Just wow, fail. And I actually cheered for May’n too on get #2 before I listened to it….

Megumi Nakajima-Tenshi ni Naritai: Wow, both the Macross girls are releasing absolute shit. Well, Tenshi ni Naritai is better than any song on May’n Street but that’s not saying much. It doesn’t seem all that special and catchy to me. As for the b-sides, I can hardly remember them except for the last one. God that was awful. I can practically feel the blood in my ears now…

ELISA-White Pulsation: Now THIS is what you call a good album. Maybe my classical roots are kicking in, but I really loved everything on this album. The instrumentals are absolutely gorgeous and powerful while ELISA’s smooth and elegant vocals are the perfect compliment. If euphoric field and ebullient future was kept in Japanese, that’d be even better. Too bad this album’s flopping hard. 

GReeeeN-Ayumi: This pretty catchy but I bet you I’ll forget/hate it by next week. Actually, Ayumi sounds super similar to another one of their singles…Kiseki maybe? But I liked this better than Kiseki anyways, which I never thought was special.

Miliyah Kato-2o CRY: That.was.beautiful. I don’t normally like ballads, especially not sad, emo winter ballads but I LOVED 20 CRY. It starts of very simple but cascades into a gorgeous, powerful chorus. The bridge is amazing too. And didn’t I mention Miliyah Kato’s vocals? I’m not even a fan of her either, though if she keeps on producing stuff like this I may be one soon.

KinKi Kids-Yakusoku: Yawn. That was dull. Well I appreciate them for trying to use an exotic beat, but the song doesn’t go anywhere.

Kaela Kimura-Doko: My first time listening to Kaela Kimura and probably my last. The song isn’t that bad but her voice annoys me somehow.

Minami Kuribayashi-sympathizer: Jesus, her squeaky voice clashes horribly with this. The song is catchy, the first time. By the third play, I already lost interest.

suara-Pretty but weak chorus. And I have to listen to this every week thanks to White Album -____-.

Eri Kitamura-Guilty Future: I was hoping that we’d get something along the vein of Danzai no Hana~Guilty Sky~ but it looks like that wasn’t the case. Guilty Future is a basically a typical anime-trance song while the b-side is a r&b slow jam. And they both suck. Go back to more pop-rock (even if you hate it) like REALIZE, girl.

Koda Kumi-TRICK: This kicks Kingdom’s ass but to be fair it doesn’t take a whole lot kick Kingdom’s ass. With a stellar intro, TRICK starts off well with catchy dance songs (including the amazing TABOO) and cheesy but enjoyable ballads. Then Bling Bling Bling (as fitting  as it is to her release-whore pattern) comes in, which sounds bloody awful with Kuu’s rapping, and the album falls to pieces. Though Hurry Up! was enjoyable. Stick with the club bangers, love.

Miho Fukuhara-RAINBOW: Wow, this is probably the best album in Janurary. Miho has a rich, deep voice (reminscent of Christina Aguilera) that compliments a range of pop, r&b,  and jazz. This is a really solid album and I enjoyed it well from beginning to end. Win.

BRIGHT-Notes 4 You: Despite the horrible title (reminds me of school), this is probably the runner-up to RAINBOW. While this has a sort of 90’s feel, each track is polished and ranges from not bad to amazing. I do wish they did more upbeat/club bangers over the many slow jams (as good as those are). And dump MEG to the bandwagon of H!P losers. But neither of those are likely to happen (sadly).

Tenjo Chiki-Dear…: Well not too bad even though there’s like zero club bangers (Party is a lie…and the worst song on this album). Actually, besides Party, all the album tracks show a great diversity and outshine the singles big time. And there’s not too many of them (8 full songs total). Oh and the promo album track Sukoshii de Ii Kara is the BEST ballad I’ve heard in a long time. Who knew that ballads could be so catchy?

Shoko Nakagwa-Magic Time: Shoko-tan, what happened to you? Well with three bland singles I wasn’t expecting too much, but still this album stinks especially compared to Big Bang! The only song that is good is Spiral. The rest are mediocre and forgettable. Looks like her music career is going down the toilet along with her declining popularity. Maybe I should auction off my autographed Shoko-tan Hello Kitty now….

Maaya Sakamoto-Kazeyomi: Not bad, not amazing. She has a lot of pretty sounding tracks (Ame ga Furu, etc.) but besides the aftermentioned none of them are on the amazing category. Well Traingler is still amazingly horrible (I still throw up a little inside everytime I hear it), but that’s it. Then again, I’ve never liked Maaya too much. Still, I like this better than her other albums, especially the Yoko Kanno ones.

If you made it here, congratulations. You must not have a life like me.


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